NADeFA Economic Impact Survey

One of the most influential documents ever produced for our industry was the "Economic Impact of the United States Cervid Farming Industry," that was released in August 2007. This document, which calculated an economic impact of $3 billion annually and 30,000 jobs, is often referenced by politicians, researchers, USDA, and the media.

The document is long overdue to be updated. In the coming days you will be receiving a formal survey from Texas A&M University asking for your operations 2015 data that can be used to align the Economic Impact Study with today's markets.

Please take the time to respond, one of the major shortcomings of every survey or census is a poor response rate. Our 2007 data was also short on data in the areas of venison production, velvet, urine/scent collection, tourism and hunting operations. While the breeding market is a large part of our industry, these end markets to the consumers are the foundation on which our industry is built.

We are looking for total participation of the game farm industry, and we need data from producers of every cervid species and every possible market that impacts not only your operation but your local economy as well. If you have a market that is not mentioned in the survey please include it and bring it to our attention. As was proven in the 2007 survey, your information will remain completely confidential.


I strongly encourage full participation by all members!!

Shawn Schafer
Executive Director