Apple Creek Whitetails Intern/Farm Assistant - Gillet, Wisconson

Apple Creek Whitetails located near Green Bay, Wisconsin, is taking applications for 3 to 4 students/graduated individuals interested in working on a deer breeding and game farm operation. The duration of the internship will be at least 6 months. Lodging, food stipend and monthly salary will be provided with a rotating, scheduled time off (approx. 1 day a week).

Main tasks would include, but not limited to:

  • Management and tagging of new born fawns, (Est. 1000 fawns this coming spring).
  • Hand raise any sick, injured, or rejected fawns. These fawns would be intern’s responsibility to foster.
  • Assist with performing a walking herd check in the morning and evenings.
  • Required to record all health records; birth, death, and bottle feeding in our computer program.
  • Cleaning and maintenance of fawn facility daily.
  • Will learn to administer various medications, IM, IV, PO, and IN.
  • Treatment of hypothermic, respiratory, gastro-intestinal, and neurologic illnesses.
  • Correct darting and sedation techniques.
  • During fall, interns will assist with weaning and vaccinations of fawns.
  • Assistance with breeding of animals, live cover, vaginal insemination, and laparoscopic insemination.
  • Collect and process semen from bucks, live and post mortem.
  • Assist in various surgical procedures; velvet antler damage, C-section, prolapses, and LAP AI.

Interns must be attending a college/university or recently graduated. Studying an agricultural related field such as animal science, wildlife ecology or have previous experience with raising animals.

Interested individuals should send resume and cover letter to:

Last Day to Apply: March 1st

Internship start date May 10th
-or as soon as the semester has ended.