Summer Internship – Whitetail Deer of Texas

Location: Gatesville, Texas



Whitetail Deer of Texas is offering a summer internship for 2 students who desire to work with a whitetail breeding operation - ideal for pre-veterinary or wildlife biology students. Intern(s) will be responsible for helping in all aspects of raising trophy whitetail deer, as well as helping with other ranch work.

Daily duties include, but are not limited to:
• Bottle raising, imprinting and socializing with fawns
• Collecting, tagging and vaccinating fawns
• Record keeping
• Overall up-keep of the nursery and grounds
• Performing physical exams, administering medications and behavioral observations
• Feeding and maintenance of adult deer
• Filling and maintaining protein feeders
• Cleaning water troughs daily
• Mowing, cleaning-watering flower beds, landscaping and trees
• Assisting with any day-to-day ranch maintenance work

The primary focus of the internship will be working with fawns – imprinting and bottle-raising. For imprinting the interns will spend most of the day in the pens so that the fawns which are being raised by their mothers will get accustomed to humans. The bottle-raised fawns are generally fed and stimulated four times a day, but in unique cases feeding every four hours may be required.

This is a full-time summer internship (7 days a week) with limited days off. Long hours are often the norm including early morning and late night work in hot Texas summers and in various weather conditions. During summer, we are typically in the pens by 6:00 a.m.; a break is taken in the heat of the day; and some nights we may not finish with fawns until 11:30 p.m.

Must be: Motivated, reliable hard-worker with a positive attitude, committed to a 4 to 9 week program. Ready for outside work, physically fit (able to lift 50# feed bags and empty 50 gallon water troughs), patient with small and large animals, able to work with others and alone, able to follow directions. Interested in the deer breeding industry and have a desire to learn about animal husbandry, experience with livestock is a plus.

Bunk style housing provided: Must be non-smoker, able to live with others, keep housing/living space clean and have own transportation. A ranch vehicle will be provided during working hours. Interns provide and cook their own meals.

Possible college credit: Speak with your major professor about the possibility of obtaining credit for the internship. We will help if you can receive college credit for your participation.

Time period currently available: Early June to early July or possibly August (Starting and ending dates may be flexible.)

The ranch is situated in Central Texas approximately 50 miles west of Waco and Temple.

Salary: $1,000 monthly + bunk style housing - DirecTV satellite and internet available

To apply: Please email a letter of interest and a resume

Contact email: