APHIS to Offer Indemnity for CWD Positive Herds as Part of Its Cervid Health Activities

WASHINGTON, D.C. — APHIS received a total of $3 million in appropriated funding to support cervid health activities in fiscal year 2014, and it will make $1 million available for indemnity of chronic wasting disease (CWD) positive, suspect, and exposed farmed cervids.

APHIS is committed to partnering with states and industry to reduce the incidence of CWD in farmed cervid populations. The availability of indemnity funds provides support to affected producers to protect the health of farm cervids and to minimize the spread of CWD to other cervid populations.

Several CWD positive and exposed herds are currently under state quarantine in Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin. APHIS has engaged all three states to see if they plan to request indemnity on behalf of the herds' producers.

Indemnity will be based on the APHIS-approved appraised value of the animals as well as depopulation and disposal costs. In order to be eligible for indemnity, states need to provide herd plans in accordance with APHIS' established CWD regulatory requirements (9 CFR 55).

APHIS is also providing $200,000 in support of CWD research efforts at the Agency's National Wildlife Research Center to develop live animal diagnostic tests. The remaining funding for APHIS' cervid health programs will support the Cervid Tuberculosis Accreditation Program, the CWD voluntary Herd Certification Program, and general program activities.