Feb 4th is the USDA Census Deadline!

By now everyone should have received their USDA 2012 Census of Agriculture. I hope you took the time to fill it out and send it in, as these numbers are used often by USDA and our congressional leaders when they are planning budgets for research and disaster programs. This data can also be used by your state and national associations to update their Economic Impact Statements with little or no expense.

When you are filling out your census you will notice that Deer and Elk are listed under livestock. In the past we have always had to check the "other" box and write in the species we raised to try and get some recognition of our industry. Through the hard work of your National Association and our lobbyist on Capitol Hill, USDA has recognized deer and elk as livestock. Now is the time for everyone to make a statement and fill out their census and prove that our industry is thriving and growing in this down economy, despite all the obstacles we have had to overcome.

If you did not receive a census or if you thought it was junk mail, odds are that your farm or ranch is slipping through the cracks and not being counted towards our total numbers. If you click on the picture below and follow the directions or call 1-888-424-7828 you will still be able to get your response code and complete a census before the February 4th deadline. It is easy to "talk" about what others should be doing to promote and fight for our industry, but now is the perfect opportunity for you to get involved and make a difference in how our industry is viewed as a whole.

I recommend doing it on-line as the program automatically skips you over the pages that don't pertain. I was able to complete mine in under 5 minutes.