High-Fence Hunting Ban Fails to Qualify for Ballot

North Dakota Update:

High-Fence Hunting Ban Fails to Qualify for Ballot
“Victory for Deer Industry”

As you read this in your October newsletter, the Deer Farming Industry has dodged a major bullet in North Dakota. On August 27, it became official from the ND Secretary of State, the proponents to ban High-Fence Hunting failed to qualify for the ballot. Thanks to our State Associations and the other NADeFA supporting members, the North Dakota Deer producers waged a very high-profile campaign from letters to the editor to radio ads bringing the facts about private property rights to the surface against this infringement.

This wide ranging grassroots and paid media effort was successful in slowing down the anti’s on gaining signatures. While most ballot measures submitted over 2,000 more signature than required, the anti’s barely submitted 100 over, yet they were inaccurate and subsequently thrown out, disqualify the effort.

While the other side promises to have anti-hunting legislation introduced in the forth-coming, the North Dakota legislature has defeated this effort before. Therefore, we look to see the anti’s attempt to circulate petitions in August 2009 for the November 2010 ballot. With any luck, the anti’s will read the ‘tea-leaves” and see that North Dakotans' value private property rights over their east coast animal rights extremists agenda any day.

Thank you again for everyone’s financial support. Your $10,000.00 donation was worth every penny. Without it, this campaign would have cost our industry in excess of $500,000 to defeat it in November.


Shawn Schafer
Citizens for North Dakota Property Rights