January 1 Marks Changes for Deer Registry

Beginning January 1, 2015 all samples and correspondence will be handled by The Registry. No longer will DNA Solutions be managing the registry, but they will continue to do the lab work necessary to identify the parentage of your deer. The NADR Board of Directors has hired Gary Cook to be the Executive Director and he and his staff will handle Customer Services and all correspondence between the registry and its clients.  Gary hired Maria Sierra (formerly with DNAS) and Cheryl Prebula to handle Customer Service.
The Directors expect that from a member standpoint nothing will change except NADR will manage the registry and DNA Solutions will be the testing laboratory. NADR will be developing a new website and updating all of our ads and marketing materials. This will insure that the registry is branded as NADR. We wish to thank DNA Solutions for running the registry these past 7 years and look forward to their continued support.
The cost of Parent Verification will remain $68 for email submissions and $75 for regular samples submitted by postal services. The Parent Verification certificates are being reprinted and will be mailed from the Edmond office. NADR will have a booth at the Top 30 and will answer any questions you may have there, as well as at the NADeFA Convention in March.

Remember, starting January 1, 2015
all samples and correspondence will be mailed to the
North American Deer Registry
1601 North Medical Center Drive
Edmond, OK 73034

The phone number is 405/513-7228. We will continually strive to bring you exceptional service.