North American Deer Registry Announces Changes

There will be some changes in the North American Deer Registry beginning January 1, 2015 that the NADR Board of Directors expects to bring improved service to all members.  Due to NADR's growth over the last few years and the increased customer service needs requested by our members, we have decided to take over the management function of the registry. 
The NADR Executive Committee has negotiated a new contract with DNA Solutions to continue to provide the parent verification while NADR will assume the registry management role including customer service and will be the main contact point for members.  NADR EC has contracted with Gary Cook to be Executive Director.  Gary has hired Maria Sierra as Customer Service Representative and Cheryl Prebula, to manage the office in Oklahoma.    Gary has had a passion for our industry from the beginning and was logical choice for Executive Director.
Beginning January 1st, all samples should be mailed to the NADR office in Edmond, OK, a suburb of Oklahoma City.  The new office address is 1601 N. Medical Center Drive, Edmond, OK 73034.
Any and all correspondence will be handled there.  Cheryl and Maria will handle all of your phone requests, record samples into the database, mail out your certificates as well as coordinate parent verification with DNA Solutions.
If you use GMS software or the Excel spreadsheet method of submission, you will continue to send in your deer's information as before.  The cost of Parent Verification will remain $68 for email submitted samples and $75 for regular samples submitted by postal mail, but we hope future technology and efficiencies will eventually bring the price down.  We have a two year lease on the office space with an option to renew the lease so this will be NADR's new home for some good time.  Remember, here's where all samples are to be sent from now on. 
The Directors expect from a member standpoint nothing will change except NADR will manage the registry and DNA Solutions will be the testing laboratory.  With this change, we expect to see continuous improvement regarding customer service.  Dr. Cassidy and his team will still be working with our samples and will be available to help with difficult issues, but it is our hope that Maria and Cheryl will be able to handle most issues by talking directly with each member when an issue arises.  In addition, NADR will be developing a new website and updating all of our ads and marketing material and we will be asking for your input as we go.  We expect to have it completed by the NADeFA meetings.  This will ensure that the registry is branded as NADR.  We want to thank DNA Solutions for their help in running the registry these past 7 years and look forward to their continued contributions as our testing laboratory.
Remember, after January 1, 2015 the new NADR address is North American Deer Registry, 1601 North Medical Center Drive, Edmond, OK 73034; phone 405-513-7228. We hope you have a very good Holiday Season and we'll have more information at Top 30 Sales in St Louis at the NADR booth.  See you there.