Ohio Opens Its Border with Pennsylvania

As of Sept. 1, 2015, Ohio has been reopened its border to the importation of Pennsylvania deer. The WDFO board would like to thank Glenn Dice for his effort in reopening the border. Glenn was very instrumental in providing the information needed for the border to open.
The following rules will apply to imports from Pennsylvania:
Effective September 1, 2015
Captive whitetail deer eligible for importation into Ohio from Pennsylvania shall:
1.    Only come from herds that are certified in the Pennsylvania CWD Herd Certification Program with at least 5 years of full compliance with all Pennsylvania program requirements;
2. Not come from any herd that has had a CWD positive animal on the premises within the last 60 months;
3.    Not come from any herd that contains an animal currently under quarantine (or equivalent movement restrictions);
4.    Not originate from any of the following counties or have resided in a herd in any of these counties within the previous 60 months: Adams, Blair, Bedford, and Jefferson;
6. Meet all other import requirements.
If you have any questions on importing deer from PA or any other states please feel free to contact any WDFO board member.