Thanks from NADR!

Dear Shawn ,
The North American Deer Registry ("NADR") is a great success thanks to all of you. We have over 135,000 animals in the registry, and it has set the industry standard for white tail deer breeders. The registry has become a valuable tool for all breeders. Prospective buyers of quality animals want to know that an animal has been DNA profiled and registered with NADR prior to seriously discussing a purchase.

Since 2007, the NADR has contracted for administration and operation of the registry with our partner, DNA Solutions and its professional staff. Recently, this contract was renewed by the NADR Board of Directors. The new contract provides for further enhancement of the services to all NADR members.

DNA Solutions and NADR have committed funds for research and development of advancements in science and improvements in technology for the benefit of the registry users.
A new SNP based test will be offered that will determine how effective the rectal biopsy test is for diagnosing CWD. More on this new test will be forthcoming.
Effective July 15, 2013, a new pricing structure for parentage applies depending on whether your data is submitted electronically or manually.
Manual data submissions - You may continue to submit all sample material and appropriate verification forms by mail. The price for this service is $75 per sample regardless of the number of samples submitted at one time.
Electronic data submissions - All required sample data may be submitted electronically by GMS or Excel spreadsheet e-mailed to DNA Solutions (NADR Electronic Sample Submission Form provided free of charge by DNA Solutions). (See and click on the NADR button.) The price for this service is $68 per sample regardless of the number of samples submitted at one time. You no longer have to submit 20 or more samples at one time to get a discount.

Regardless of how you submit the data, all related sample material (hair, blood, tissue, or other material with appropriate identification) should continue to be submitted by mail.

We believe the new electronic submission system will improve the accuracy of the registry information resulting in less required follow up and delays.

The NADR Board of Directors and DNA Solutions are excited about the future and the continued growth of our industry.

Keep up the good work and remember we are there for you and our industry.

R. Ray Burdette, President
North American Deer Registry